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What is Beeky Straws?

Beeky Straws is your 1 stop shop for everything Eco-Friendly! As a Pennsylvania native, I was excited to live on the beautiful gulf beaches of Florida, but I hated seeing all the plastic! I started off with just Stainless Steel straws, then eventually expanded into more. Glass straws of all colors, Collapsible straws, Cutlery sets made of wheat straw & Rainbow toothbrushes!

So, What's Beeky Mean?


My name is Victoria, also known as Vikki. My grandmother was from Argentina, and only spoke Spanish. When she would call my name, instead of saying Vikki, she would say Beeky because V's were pronounced B's. In loving memory of my nana who's nickname for me carries on to this day, we decided to name our shop Beeky Straws and go with Argentine colors.

Meet the Owner!


Hi 👋 My name is Victoria and I am the creator of Beeky Straws. I am a 90’s baby from Pennsylvania, who loves the BEACH. I moved to Florida’s Gulf Coast 2 years ago, and I love every minute of it. Seeing all the plastic in the oceans and seeing what it’s doing to the Gulf really touched a soft spot in my heart. I thought “This madness needs to stop!” By creating Beeky Straws I am here to make a change. Shop now, and support the #savetheplanet movement!

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Beeky Straws

Saint Petersburg, Florida 33707, United States

(717) 639-7529

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Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market: 9am - 2pm

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